How we engineered our way to where we are

The People Factor

Whilst peers obsessed over  the fanciest office addresses, we focused on acquiring the  best engineers.

And whilst some focused on the highly priced software technologies, we shifted the benchmark in capacity building through our talent development investments.

This phase was not without the urge for the common desires of most industry players, but we understood that the foundation of  our success will be our people.

Our engineering prowess lies not in the machines, buildings and technologies, but in the minds and hearts of our teams, which we have taken time to assemble and nurture. Today, we are able to deliver best-in-class solutions to highly envied clients, a privilege  we can only preserve if our people remain the emotional owners of our success.

The Client Factor

Whilst some scrambled for every project they could get to make a quick buck, we took time to understand our clients, their businesses,  industries and markets. The insights enabled us to serve with the ultimate reliability, a foundation for relationships of trust.

We didn’t stop at reliability. In the darkest of economic times, we carved the most innovative ways to ensure that clients could count on us as they wiggled their way through the storms. The reciprocal support we receive from our clients is humbling and the reason we get up everyday to do and be our best.

Relationships like these transcend the most daunting of challenges.

The Discipline Factor

Whilst peers obsessed with making the quick buck, we obsessed over building capacity.

Whilst it was tempting to diversify our investment portfolio into the so-believed ‘lucrative industries’’, we chose focus.

We understood who we are. We understood our strengths and our weaknesses and knew what we had to do to maintain a healthy and progressive balance.

We went back to basics in building strategies for the long term. We paid attention to the little detail, and did simple things really well, consistently.

Some of our valued clients

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